The Bear Blvd. School

About Us

The school includes 18 classrooms and a central courtyard with playscapes, a tricycle track and a climbing hill. We are home to approximately 300 children from 6 different elementary schools in Spring Branch ISD. We are a culturally responsive campus providing Bilingual Spanish and Mainstream/English as a Second Language classes.

There are approximately 18 children in PK3 classes and 24 children in PK4 classes with a highly qualified teacher and assistant in each class. We enjoy the expertise and support of our Counselor, Communities in Schools Specialist, Diagnostician, and Speech Therapist.

The Bear Blvd. School

Mission Statement

To create self-motivated, life-long learners, we provide a developmentally appropriate, integrated curriculum that aligns with the state Pre-K Guidelines and enhances the social/emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, and physical development of each child while nurturing autonomy, self-esteem, and success. Our reach for our students exceeds our grasp to set the foundation for T-2-4 by:

  • Commitment to the achievement of high standards by all students
  • Commitment to evidence-informed instruction
  • Commitment to collaboration and interdependence
  • Commitment to the success of all adults
Learning Design
  • Personalization of Learning
  • Balanced Literacy Program
  • Hands on Mathematics
  • Science Explorations
  • Project Approach to Learning
  • Fitness/Motor Development
  • 21st Century Learning (responsive technology for teaching and learning)
  • Building Inclusive Schools (developmental practices for all children)
  • Project CLASS approach to social/emotional development
Daily Routine
  • Breakfast and Workshop I (Language Arts/Social Studies, Music/Art)
  • Recess in our Courtyard Playground
  • Workshop II (Math)
  • 30 minute Lunch followed by a 30 minute Quiet Time
  • Gross Motor
  • Workshop III (Projects integrating content areas)
Transition to Kindergarten

We prepare children for Kindergarten success by nurturing a solid foundation in both academic and social/emotional learning. We support the transition to their Kindergarten school by networking with the teachers and visiting the school.