PK 3 - AM Car Rider Line Instructions

Please follow these instructions for our car rider line so that we may get your child to his/her classroom as smoothly as possible. Please use this link to review the car rider video shown at Orientation


At 7:30 AM you may begin entering the building and follow the instructions to get in car rider line.

  • While on Westview, enter through the entrance at “Grob Stadium, SBISD Police Department, and Yellow G 107” sign.

  • Drive north past the Tax Office headed toward the tennis courts.

  • Continue driving to the right around the back of the school, past the parking spaces to the car rider drop off line.

  • Pull up slowly and stop next to a waiting staff member.

  • Please be sure to have your child seated in the back seat on the passenger side with their name tag on and backpack ready to go. This will help a smooth transition from car to school for everyone.

  • At 7:40 AM, the staff member will begin opening the car door so the child can step out of the car. Please do not get out of your car.

  • As you exit car rider, while watching for buses and cars entering the parking lot, pull up to the stop sign.

  • Turn RIGHT onto Westview to exit and drive safely.