Director: Stefanie Spencer

Welcome to the Bear Blvd School for Early Learning!

The Bear Blvd team consists of highly qualified, dedicated, and caring professionals. We are committed to fully collaborating to create a positive, safe, nurturing learning community for children, families, and colleagues. As an SBISD school, we are not only working to prepare your child academically for the next grade level and beyond, but also working to develop the set of skills and characteristics that will enable them to be a T-2-4 ready graduate. There are milestones even in Pre-Kindergarten that guide us in that preparation. Pre-Kindergarten is a time of discovery and learning and at BBS, we believe we are opening minds and hearts and shaping lives. At Bear Boulevard, we love to learn!

 Throughout the Bear Boulevard learning community, evidence of our belief in the limitless potential of our students can be seen in our staff professional qualities:


  • Expertise in planning quality instruction based on developmentally appropriate practice
  • Creativity in developing a structured, nurturing learning environment for preschool children
  • Strategies which promote opportunities for learning that are child-centered, child-initiated, and teacher-facilitated
  • Understanding of the constructivist approach to learning which portrays children as thinkers, creators, and constructors of knowledge
  • Initiative to grow professionally with a perceptual orientation for embracing change and “thinking outside the box”


The Bear Blvd team welcomes you on our journey toward life-long learning! Please reach out to us if you need anything.

Bear Boulevard Leadership Team:

Haley Bradley, Mainstream/ESL Teacher and Superintendent Advisory Representative

Kiersten Caballero, Mainstream/ESL Teacher and Multi-Classroom Lead Teacher

Stefanie Spencer, Director

Flor Cepeda, Counselor and Parent Center Leader

Andy Ruelas, Bilingual Teacher and Teacher Assistant Leader


Stefanie Spencer, Director