Student Success is Our Mission

Characterized by remarkable degrees of dedication to children's best interests, citizens, patrons, boards of education, administrators, teachers and auxiliary personnel have worked diligently to provide the best learning opportunities possible for all SBISD students.

This dedicated service, combined with the support of civic leaders and the cooperation of other community organizations and institutions, has resulted in the success of SBISD and the success of our students.

We, believe..

  • Safety is above else.
  • Strategic decisions are made in the best interest of children.
  • All stakeholders have inherent value and worth.
  • In the value of parents as partners and as their children's first teachers.
  • In the value of uniqueness as a resource.
  • The highest expectations for all yield positive self-esteem, acceptable behavior standads and optimum performance.
  • Life-long learning is the responsibility of all.
  • Data is the core for decision making.
  • In accountability and clear expectations at all levels of our organization.
  • Students should be active participants in the learning process.